Why CallPerfect

When it comes to VoIP service and equipment, Callperfect has it down pat. Our belief in quality, customer support, speed and accessibility sets us apart. We’ve leveraged our years of telecommunications industry experience to design a VoIP service that brings customers, both enterprise and residential, everything they need for perfect communications at prices that crush the competition.

When you choose CallPerfect to provide your business or home the fast and clear telecommunications you need to move up to the next level, you pay a flat rate per line and get:

No Contracts, No Strings Attached

Contracts hold enterprise back - and we understand you need flexibility and scalability. When you opt for CallPerfect, you don’t sign any contracts, you don’t need to meet any expectations. All that we ask is that you pre-pay by the month - that’s it. Simple, easy and advantageous for you.

Exclusive Features

Dial-by-name directories. Auto reception. Call conferencing. Toll free numbers. Hotlines. Hold music and messages. Fax to email. These are just a few of the key features you get for your monthly flat rate service fee.

Unlimited Calling In North America

CallPerfect strives to make things as seamless and simple for business and residential users as possible. We realize that being able to plan for and anticipate your monthly phone bills brings significant benefits to everyone - to make things simple and seamless, we’ve made calling in all of North America (the United States and Canada) unlimited for your monthly flat rate service fee.

Substantial Savings On International Calls

For businesses that do quantifiable international business, out-of-country phone calls can quickly add up. When you go with VoIP, you get substantial savings on international calls - and when you rely on CallPerfect for your VoIP service, we deliver even greater savings.

White Glove Service

Service matters - in all industries. When you rely on telecommunications for communicating with your customer and work base, you need service that never quits. Because CallPerfect understands this, we give you a support team that never quits. We’re here rain or shine - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with any issue that may arise. Further, we provide you with a highly trained implementation specialist who works with you to ensure that your VoIP installation is completely seamless.

Top-Of-The-Line Technology

We only work with and use the industry’s leaders. Equipment matters - and so does quality. CallPerfect is selective in what we use and offer our clients. Examples of brands we use for excellence include Cisco, Polycom and Yealink.