About Us

CallPerfect is a proven, trusted provider of VoIP services for businesses of all sizes. Based in Calfornia, we are at the forefront of technology in the industry; we use and reccomend only the best for our clients. We are proud to recommend phone systems by industry leaders Polycom and Yealink; we have built our networks using a Cisco based network. Founder, Karl McCracken, is devoted to combining the best technology in the industry, deep knowledge and years of training to create a superior product for our customers.

We believe VoIP, voice over internet protocol, is the clear direction for telecommunications. Just as once the internet was new, it soon became the way we work, shop, get directions and - now - communicate. Sending voice information via computers, instead of from landline to landline, is an effective, efficient and highly affordable way to communicate. The possibilities that VoIP delivers to businesses are endless. It’s an exciting time to be in VoIP, and it’s an exciting time for businesses to make the switch.

CallPerfect believes businesses today deserve access to top-of-the-line features. Adding lines, eliminating them, setting up pre-recorded messages, search directrories, conferencing with ease and toll free numbers should be easy to use and easy to pay for. We bring our customers a no strings attached approach to service. Our customers pay one monthly rate each month and get access to an endless array of features. No charge on phone calls placed within the United States and Canada: international phone calls are extremely affordable with us.

CallPerfect’s mission is simple: we make VoIP an asset for your business (and never a hassle). We have seen how landline systems are cost-prohibitive and problematic; we have seen our competitors offer low prices without also delivering the amazing service we believe in. We want to help your business success with our state of the art enterprise technology and systems. Every client who works with us gets a dedicated implementation engineer who installs your VoIP phone system perfectly and without the usual bumps that go along with switching to a new system.

CallPerfect will work around your unique business and needs. We strive to seamlessly integrate your new cloud pbx system into your business’s operations. We assist you to choose the right system for your business - and then we make sure that system does what it says it will. Our clients are thrilled with our services - and we have established loyal relationships throughout the country.

CallPerfect is the provider of choice for businesses who want access to features, great equipment, the best prices in the industry and service that never fails. Our proven track record demonstrates we love what we do - and we do it well. If you are ready to skyrocket your communications, and earnings, reach out to CallPerfect to discuss how VoIP can help you do just that.