Auto Receptionist

You’ve heard of “auto-pilot” - the safe and accurate way of flying an airplane based on machines talking to one another: have you heard of “auto receptionists”? With voice over IP, you can have an auto-receptionist professionally welcome your callers and customers automatically. It’s the future - and it’s ready for your office. An auto-attendant saves you time, saves your customers time and increases the overall efficiency and service your business offers. Virtual receptionists are easy to setup - and when you work with CallPerfect for your VoIP phone system, your implementation specialist will assist you in doing so. Let’s take a look at some of the big benefits that come along with using a VoIP auto receptionist!

What, Exactly, Does The VoIP Auto Receptionist Do?

Good question! Auto-receptionists, or auto-attendants, for VoIP will pick up the phone when a caller contacts you. Your caller will then hear a pre-recorded greeting and a list of options are presented from a menu (such as “press 2 for sales”). You set up the rules for how your auto-receptionist should handle calls, and your auto-receptionist does just that for you. Auto reception is a huge benefit of switching to a cloud pbx business phone system - as the potential for growth that it brings your company is huge.

Customizable Menu Options

Customizable phone menus work like train stations. Your callers are given options as to where they want to go and then they make their selection. The phone system then takes them where they want to go. It sounds easy, because it is easy. Part of having an auto-receptionist is having the ability to set up customizable menu items for your callers. Customizable menus get your business organized and make it easy for your customers to quickly connect with the exact department or person that they need to contact. You can make your customizable menu as long as short as necessary. For more complicated businesses, you can set up sub-menu systems to better direct your callers.

Different Kinds of Dialing Options

Auto-receptionists can be programmed to offer your callers a variety of different options: dial-by-extension, dial- by-name, dial-by directory. Dial by extension auto reception gives your callers who already know an extension the chance to plug it right in. Dial-by-name offers your callers the opportunity to enter in letters of a name to zero in on the right extension. Dial by directory helps customers find just the extension they need - with ease.

Customizable Auto Receptionist Times

Perhaps during the day, you have a wonderful full time receptionist or two that bring a personal touch to your business. What about after-hours? Are you left filtering messages out in the morning left a generic voicemail account? Are you losing potential customers and sales? With a VoIP auto receptionist, you tell it when you want it to work for you. It’s easy to set up so that after a certain time each day, auto reception kicks in to handle your business’s important calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How Voice Over IP Auto-Reception Saves You Money

When you set up your auto receptionist for VoIP through CallPerfect, your implementation specialist can help you set everything up in a way that works best for your business’s unique needs. Record your custom greeting until you are happy with it - and change it whenever you need to (for a holiday or special event). Loop it to repeat a set number of times (you decide) before disconnecting from a call that is unresponsive. Set up the directories in a way that works for you, your clients and your employees. CallPerfect works with you to make it all happen seamlessly. When new employees join your team, and former employees leave, it’s easy to update so that your directory is as current and helpful as possible.

Key Takeaway

If you want to streamline your calling process, a VoIP auto receptionist can be a big help to your business. For a VoIP receptionist that doesn’t end up costing you more money, CallPerfect is your top choice for proven quality and big savings. Our one flat fee system saves businesses money - so that you can focus on the bigger picture (leave the phone calls up to us).