Call Forwarding

Open up the gates for total customer accessibility: let your customers reach you, and your team, anywhere in the world. Diverting a call increases availability by bringing callers to phones and voicemail accounts that will be of most use to them and their needs. Call forwarding allows you to forward calls to other phones and voicemail accounts. When a business has it, it can handle larger amounts of calls and process them more efficiently. It’s a powerful feature that really can take your business to the next level of performance and efficiency.

VoIP Forwarding Means Options

You can set up VoIP call forwarding in a variety of different ways: it’s easy to transfer calls to other phones. You can even set up a system in which if you are “away”, calls are automatically forwarded to another user - or straight to your home. Call forwarding is a much better option than a standard voicemail box, as it’s more proactive and can better meet the needs of customers.

Advanced Call Forwarding for VoIP

Advanced call forwarding will help you forward your calls to whatever location you’re going to be. For example, if you are taking a business trip, you can transfer calls to your mobile or hotel room to maximize your workflow and efficiency. You can send your incoming calls to any phone number in the United States - and specify when and which calls to forward!

Setting Up VoIP Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is very simple to set up - and when you use CallPerfect, one of our implementation engineers will help you get it running smoothly for you.

VoIP Call Forwarding Is One Of CallPerfect’s Included Features

CallPerfect offers all of our fully customizable features for one flat monthly rate - no hidden charges, no strings attached.

Key Takeaway

Call forwarding is an excellent feature for any business to have. It increases productivity and maximizes customer service capabilities. If you want to add call forwarding to your business, be sure to go VoIP with a trusted provider like CallPerfect. Call forwarding features on a landline would be far more expensive and difficult to add on - we advise you make the jump to VoIP to start taking advantage of some of its amazing features.