VoIP Faxing

You’ve heard of Voice over IP calling? What about Fax over IP Faxing? Yes, it’s true, so hold on to your seats: you can now send faxes over Internet network Protocols! What is “Fax over VoIP” exactly? It refers to how faxes are both sent - and received - using an IP network instead of an old-fashioned landline networking. Sending faxes over VoIP are really a perfect marriage for faxed documents, as faxes are files (and it’s a lot easier to send a file over computers than from landline pole to pole). Sending faxes over VoIP networks save money - and sanity. When faxes are treated as the files they should be, a whole is saved in the process that used be lost (making offices more inefficient than they needed to be). Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits that being able to send faxes over the Internet and IP Networks can bring you!

Cloud Faxing Is Less Costly For Business

Everything is more expensive when traditional phone lines are used - and when voice over IP communications systems are used, everything is cheaper. This rule of thumb rings true for faxing, which can largely eat into any business’s budget expense. Though so much of what we do these days is largely paperless, the truth is that we still live in a paper-based world and faxing is a necessity in most business offices. All the data required to accurately send a detailed fax adds up fast, and businesses can be left holding a very hefty bill.

Cloud Faxing Gives Greater Control

With VoIP, users get more features - and this even applies to faxing. Administrators can establish quotas for certain users - fax messages that are sent can be filtered or even recorded. Tactics like this help businesses step up security and loss prevention efforts - while keeping employees on task when they’re at the fax.

Cloud Faxing Needs Less

Ever worked in an office with one fax machine way up on the third or fourth floor? Those days are over, thanks to cloud faxing. With cloud faxing, fax messages can easily be sent and received anywhere there is a computer and a printer (making it very easy to send important documents without having to go on a hunt for an archaic piece of equipment on some floor somewhere!).

Cloud Faxing Means Higher Quality

Cloud faxing your faxes come through on a higher caliber. Often in faxing today, the original documents being faxed over are digitally-based and therefore remain digital throughout the process - meaning less minor issues or bleeds that could take away from the meaning of the document that has been faxed over.

Cloud Faxing Doesn’t Depend on Fax Machines

Wow - the once iconic fax machine is all but over. Thanks to the cloud, any properly enabled printer can now be used as a fax machine for any range of documents (PDF, image-based and word processing documents). Not only does this save businesses money on cumbersome fax machines, but it makes the number of fax machines a business is able to hold triple or even quadruple in number!

Cloud Faxing is Eco-Friendly Faxing

With cloud faxing, files and documents are stored in the cloud. It’s good for the environment and it’s good for offices. When fewer documents need to be printed, a company spends less on ink and paper while reducing their carbon footprints. An added benefit of fewer printed faxes is that businesses have less papers to process and discard. Though paper faxes sure can make great scrap paper, the money spent on those can surely be put to work in a better place for business.

Cloud Faxing Cuts Down on Fax Lines

Lots of businesses end up with a lot of different fax-only lines. When you fax in the cloud, there is no more need for additional fax lines to pay for. Just a few fax-only lines are necessary with cloud faxing, as IP faxing is able to order what needs to be faxed when in accordance with priority and a first come, first serve model.

With Cloud Faxing, Say Goodbye to the Annoying Resend Button

Sometimes a document doesn’t accurately print - sometimes a paper jam happens. With regular faxing, you need to resend everything all over again. With cloud faxing, you don’t. Why? The document simply needs to re-printed, not re-faxed.

Cloud Faxing Costs Are Lower To Start-Up

If you’re new to telecommunications or to a business, buying an expensive landline-powered fax machine can eat away at your bottom line pretty fast. Because cloud faxing runs off regular old computers and printers, you don’t need to invest a hefty initial amount into getting your office fax-ready!

To sum up: being able to fax using the cloud comes with key advantages for business today. Cloud faxing is less expensive, higher quality, has better control over when and where a document is sent, isn’t reliant upon clunky old fax machines and became files before they become actual physical documents that must be print. Beyond all of these huge bonuses, fax messaging over IP also means that any connected printer can be a fax machine - freeing up office space and requiring fewer trips to the fax machine (this also eliminates lost files and increases privacy for sensitive documents).