International Calling

Can You Place Overseas Calls Using VoIP?

A common question we get asked at CallPerfect is if you can place overseas, or international calls using VoIP technology. The good news is: absolutely you can. VoIP is a great way to take home some serious savings without sacrificing on voice quality or reliability.

What Does CallPerfect Offer for International Calling & VoIP?

Your CallPerfect plan includes free calling within the United States and one international company: Canada. Other countries are subject to a fee - but our international voice over IP rates are very affordable.

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How Do You Make An International Call Over VoIP?

To make an international call from a VoIP or cloud PBX phone system, it’s the same format as from a landline phone system. You will need to dial the international dialing prefix + the country code + area code + local number. You can do this from any VoIP enabled phone.

How Much Will International Calls Placed Over VoIP Cost?

Many international calls placed using VoIP can end up costing just pennies - a considerable savings for companies that need to make a lot of international calls.

Can I Use My VoIP Account Overseas?

You can use your VoIP number domestically and abroad - so that when you’re traveling overseas, the people that need to reach you still can. You can still access your remote voicemail and get faxes sent directly to your email.

Your Key Takeaway

VoIP makes doing business in and with foreign countries (especially Canada) a breeze.