Local Calling

One of the most amazing aspects of VoIP is local calling! Why? It’s the most affordable way to place and receive calls currently available. VoIP harnesses the power of the Internet to bring users an efficient, cost-effective and feature-rich telecommunications experience. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home or your business service, you should absolutely look into VoIP for both local and long distance communication needs. You don’t need to get special computers or get a degree in computer science to make the power of VoIP start working for you.

VoIP Phones Work Like Regular Phones

Back when VoIP was new, just as with the computer, the setup was a bit clunky. Now, VoIP phone systems are as sleek and versatile as any phone, cordless or desktop, that is currently on the market. You dial a number, you hear a voice. Someone dials your number, your phone rings. Simple, right?

Two Ways To VoIP

There are two ways to get VoIP for your home or office. You could choose a provider or you could do it yourself. In making that decision, here’s a question to consider. Would you rather use an Internet provider or make your own Internet network with a series of computers? You’d probably rather use an expert provider, right? That’s what we, at CallPerfect, do for you. We ensure you get great service all the time - so you don’t need to worry about network issues or outages.

How, Exactly, VoIP Works

It seems complicated, but again, it’s really not. Just like the Internet, with two computers sharing information, VoIP works in a similar fashion. It’s just a different way of packing up and sending your voice data. Think about it this way: if you needed to get to Japan - would you take a boat trip all around the world or would you hop on a direct flight? Which would be cheaper? Landlines are the boat trip option, and they’re a lot more expensive. VoIP is your first-class trip on a plane - we even give out snacks to make your trip that much more amazing.

How Much Do VoIP Calls Cost?

Because VoIP calls are placed over the internet, in theory the cost shouldn’t be any higher than your Internet service. That would be, though, for a crude microphone at a computer setup. For a more seamless VoIP experience that improves upon a landline experience, you’ll need equipment and a great provider like CallPerfect to connect you. That being said, you don’t get charged for calls placed within the United States or Canada. Yes: local calling with VoIP is completely free. See the potential?

Can I Make Overseas Calls?

Yes - absolutely. In fact, CallPerfect works to keep your long distance call charges very low for you. If you want to get an idea of what our low overseas calls look like, just give us a call for current rate information.

Your Key Takeaway

With VoIP, you can call anywhere in the country for free - or Canada. The possibilities for expanding your reach are endless. With VoIP in your pocket, you can place calls wherever, whenever. Local calling is limitless - overseas calling is cheap. Use a proven VoIP provider like CallPerfect for reliable service around the clock.