Keep Your Existing Phone Number

One issue holding back lots of businesses from making the amazing switch to VoIP telephony is this: not being able to take your phone number with you when you go. We have good news: your phone number is completely portable. Actually, it’s your phone number: you own the rights to it.

It’s called Local Number Portability or LMP - and the FCC has declared your phone number is yours. You can take it where you want to go. So - if you want to take your number with you to a VoIP provider, it’s absolutely easy and possible to make the jump to VoIP with the comforts of home.

Keeping your existing phone number often means keeping business with whom you’ve built a great relationship. Your number really is your calling card - and it’s not something you should be asked to part with upon leaving a telecommunications provider.

How Long Will The Switch Take?

Not too long at all! Technically, the FCC has regulations that say that one business day should be enough to make a simple switch over. If your switch is more complicated, it may take longer. The bottom line - making the switch won’t take too long and is an overall simple process.

How Much Will Switching Cost?

There aren’t any costs affiliated with this - as it is your phone number that you get to keep. The only cost you may face is if you were locked into a contract with a provider from which you are leaving early.

Can I Take My Phone Number With Me If I Go?

We understand some things you just don’t want to break up with. If you must leave us for some reason, you can absolutely take your number with you as long as your new provider can make it.

What Do I Do If I Want To Keep My Existing Phone Number?

If you want to keep your existing phone number, it’s simple. Wait to cancel your current service until you’ve initiated service with a new provider. Ask your new provider if your phone number is portable and how they handle porting. If they say it isn’t, or they can’t, it would be wise to try calling a different provider (such as CallPerfect) before giving up!

Key Takeaway

You don’t need to ditch your current phone number just because you’re ditching your provider. Staying with a provider who just isn’t meeting your needs anymore keeps you, your business and your phone number stuck. Time to back up your phone number, and bring it over to VoIP’s greener pastures!

VoIP Phone Number Port

You know phones are portable - from cordless to cellular - but phone numbers? It’s true: phone numbers are now completely portable and you can easily import your phone number from a landline telephony system to an upgraded VoIP system. You can even port your phone number from one VoIP provider to another.

Businesses who have developed a following around a phone number, or group of numbers, shouldn’t have to be faced with the choice of staying with a lackluster phone provider or upgrading - and they don’t have to. You can upgrade to VoIP, and start saving money - and accessing its features - without giving up your existing, professional phone numbers.

What Is Porting A Phone Number?

To import your existing phone number, you simply need to discuss this with your VoIP service provider and your landline provider. They can arrange the details as - this is important to remember - you legally have the rights to do so if you choose. Current regulations state that you own that phone number, not the phone company - and you can assign your phone number wherever you see best. The FCC, Federal Communication Commission, has Local Number Portability Rules that require that if you stay in the same general area, you have the option of keeping your phone number (even for VoIP providers).

What About Porting from VoIP to VoIP Providers?

With VoIP telephony, things are bit more complicated. VoIP phone numbers are the property of your provider - so switching from VoIP provider to VoIP provider gets a bit trickier. Why? Your VoIP provider actually leases the number from a telecommunication provider that controls the switches used to route calls from the internet to that specific phone number. When you change VoIP service, be sure you can take your phone number with you. At CallPerfect, we will do our best to work with you on getting, and keeping, whatever number your business needs.

To make sure your current number is portable, reach out to your VoIP provider (like CallPerfect) before beginning service. Your provider can tell you if your current number is portable or suggest ways to make it portable if need be.

How Long Will It Take To Port My Phone Number to VoIP?

Not long ago. The FCC actually enforces a number of porting rules that require simple ports be processed within one business day. A simple port means one line without complex equipment attached. 1 etc) onto our service.

How Do I Port My Phone Number to VoIP?

First, don’t terminate your existing service before initiating new service with a VoIP provider. Reach out to your new company to make sure your old number is portable. Porting a number shouldn’t cost anything - the only thing a service provider might ask you to cover is termination fees if you were on a contract. If you’re signing up with CallPerfect, know what we don’t require contracts as we do everything on an upfront basis.

Key Takeaway

Reach out to CallPerfect to get all of your telecommunications needs addressed seriously and quickly. From getting your number ported to our service to finding a cloud pbx system that works for your company size and budget, we are your proven option for excellent IP telephony in the United States and Canada.