Plans & Pricing

CallPerfect has the perfect plan for your business. Our plans work the way business should: no strings attached, one flat fee per month, full transparency and the ability to cancel at any time, no questions asked.

Our service is fully scalable: as your business grows, you can add more to your plan when you need more phones. You never need to worry about adding more features as your business grows: CallPerfect gives you full access to all of our features, one hundred percent of the time.

We charge one monthly fee that covers everything - domestic calls, calls placed within Canada, service, implementation. You can cancel at any time, and resume service at any time.

Let’s take a look at CallPerfect’s billing basics - and what that billing gives you!

Monthly Service Plans

Service Plan Cost
1 User $39.99
2-19 Users $29.99
20-99 Users $24.99
100+ Users $19.99
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No Surprises

The above pricing plans reflect our fully transparent, pay one monthly fee approach to telecommunications. With unlimited domestic and Canadian calling, you always get perfect prices without any hidden surprises!

Plan Features

Ready to be amazed? The features included in our plans can skyrocket your business to the next level. We’re proud of the affordability and range of features available - in addition to the service and ease of use CallPerfect is known for.

Cloud PBX

The first, and most important, feature we offer is Cloud PBX. Don’t be tied to landlines anymore - come on up and join us in the cloud. It looks great from up here!

Phone Number Choice

You can keep your existing phone number or you can pick a number from a wide array of different locales - whatever works best for your business.

Unlimited Extensions

Not having enough extensions to keep you organized can be limiting: don’t be. As a CallPerfect customer, you get unlimited extensions no matter what.

Call Queues

Call queues keep lines free and place priority on the calls that most matter to you. They are a powerful way to manage your incoming calls and put the focus where it needs to be.

Advanced Call Routing

Don’t miss calls: route calls. Advanced call routing makes it so that your calls are routed where you need them to go in your organization - with ease.

Find Me Follow Me

Find me follow me capabilities make it easy to stay on top of what your employees and coworkers are up to - regardless of their location or yours. Instead of bouncing around phone numbers when you’re on the go, with Find Me Follow Me, you can call and receive VoIP phone calls regardless of specific location (unlike with traditional landlines).

Auto Reception

Automate your phone answering and eliminate errors with auto-reception. This powerful feature will streamline your entire telephony system.

Call Transfers, Hold, Forwarding & Parking

Tell your calls exactly what to do. You get the capability of putting calls on hold, forwarding them, parking them or transferring - all for no extra or hidden fees.

Dial-by-Name Directory

It’s important that your callers can easily access your employees and departments - and dial by name does just that.

E911 Support

Get the important access you need to emergency services with VoIP. We provide E911 support so that, should something happen, you’re safe.

Remote Call Pickup

Answer phones remotely - from home, from hotels, from airports, from coffee shops. With CallPerfect, you get remote call pickup and we help you set it all up so it works well for you.

Holiday & After Hours Special Greetings

Sometimes it’s important to greet your customers with a special message. With this feature, CallPerfect makes it fun and easy to make changes when necessity - or the season - calls for it!

Restricted Calling for Certain Extensions

Sometimes you may need to restrict an extension from being able to call out - this feature allows you to add restrictions when needed.


Conferencing is easy with VoIP and CallPerfect. We will help you setup your conferences so that they’re a breeze for you, and your clients.

Tollfree & Vanity Phone Numbers

Get any number you want - including toll free or vanity numbers. We will work with you until you have the number you’re happy with! We can even create vanity numbers for faxing.

Voicemail to Email

Voicemail to email means you, and your employees, stay fully on top of all incoming messages. Being able to email, and forward, voicemails with just a few simple buttons is a powerful feature we’re proud to offer Call Perfect's clients.

Fax to Email

We offer fax to email as well - instead of running to the fax machine, now you can simply check your computer and have a digital copy of the faxed document you need.

SMS Text Messaging

We offer text messaging with some of our phones - so that you can always stay in touch, regardless of the situation.

Call Usage & History

We keep track of your records for you so that you have full access to your calling history at all times.

Great International Rates

Though all calls within the United States and Canada are at no charge, our international rates are always competitive and low. Call us for more specifics - we’ll be happy to tell you all about it.