Toll-Free Number

Are you interested in getting a 1-800 toll-free number for your business? If you have one, or have been looking into buying one with a landline, you know it’s pretty complicated to do so. The extra charge can add up - and you may be asking if it’s even worth it or if anyone still uses them anymore? At CallPerfect, we think toll-free numbers are absolutely important to the success of your businesses - and we think they can be very affordable to offer. In this article, we’ll discuss why toll free numbers, VoIP or landline, matter for your business and how you can get them using voice over internet protocol.

Why Toll Free Numbers Matter For Business

What numbers do you think of when you think of toll-free? 8-0-0? It’s true: toll free numbers and “800” have become all but synonymous these days. When you want to send a sign to your customers - right away - that there is a toll-free way to reach your business, you should have a 1-800 number. Having a toll-free number available for your customers, even if they don’t choose to use it, sends a strong sign of positive customer service to callers. The toll-free option shows your customers you value them and want them to reach out to your business, no matter what. It’s a professional way to roll out the red carpet (should your customers choose to walk down it).

Toll-free numbers for business show a company is doing well enough to have a toll-free number. As they imply added costs and monthly fees, especially with landlines, most companies that are low on funds will skip the extra expense of a toll free number. A discerning customer will be able to see that - and may go with a business that seems to be doing well enough to offer a toll free number. Toll free numbers make your business more approachable and friendly. When a business has rolled out the red carpet for customers with a toll free number, it sends the sign that you actually want to talk to your customers. Customers - and potential ones - may be a lot more likely to actually pick up the phone when they get a friendly feeling from your business. That alone can really make the expense of having a toll free number pay off for your business (although when you have a VoIP provider like CallPerfect, there is no added expense).

Landline Toll Free Numbers

At most major landline providers (we checked), the cost to add a single toll free number on to your business starts at around $20 a month just as a service charge. The minutes you are charged after you get callers are a different price completely. Though $20 a month isn’t exactly astronomical, when you add in the cost of getting callers and having to pay for minutes - it can add up fast - and turn you away from setting up a professional, business-friendly toll free number in the first place.

VoIP Toll Free Numbers

With VoIP, the cost to add on a toll free number is significantly reduced. Most providers will offer a significant discount over a landline provider - and minutes charged to you will also be lower. If you are going with a VoIP phone system, or you’ve been on the fence in deciding to do so, this information could sway you toward upgrading to VoIP. With CallPerfect, we actually don’t charge you anything at add a toll free number to your service. Why? All of our features, including toll free numbers, are provided to you at absolutely zero cost. Beyond that, we don’t charge extras for calls placed within the United States or Canada. It’s an incredible deal - and CallPerfect is happy to offer that to our customers.

Key Takeaway

Give your company a national presence. Roll out the red carpet. Offer a universal access number at no extra charge to you - when you communicate with VoIP. Though most VoIP providers will offer you a substantial discount over landline providers, CallPerfect offers all of it for no extra cost over our low monthly rate.