Call Routing
Routing Your Success
Change the way you think about phones - and how they can work for you - forever. Take your business calls with you - and send them wherever they want to go. Our state-of-the-art call routing for VoIP systems makes your phone systems sing: you say what you want to hear and they perform (perfectly).
Perfect Forwarding
Sometimes, being able to forward a call is of utmost importance. CallPerfect understands that: we offer top of the line call forwarding capabilities that makes sending a call where it needs to go as easy as touching a couple buttons. Whether it’s automatically routing, or sending, a call where it needs to be based on the incoming number or choosing to forward a call along to a more relevant party, CallPerfect makes it perfectly easy to do that (and more).
Perfect Answering Rules
Some calls you want to take, some calls you must take, some calls can take a hike. CallPerfect understands that there is no set way to answer a call - and to meet your needs, we offer a system of easy-to-program answering rules that will make your business run smoothly.
Perfect Flexibility
If your company’s departments have differing needs based on times and days of the weeks, CallPerfect understands that. With our call routing capabilities, you can easily set up calls to follow a set of answering and forwarding rules that you and your departments create, individually - or as a group.