CallPerfect Is Calling Out The Competition
Considering making the jump to a VoIP system? Already decided that VoIP is the right choice for your company’s future? Smart thinking. VoIP is the future - and it’s here right now. As VoIP is a relatively new service, most businesses don’t have all that much experience in choosing one VoIP provider over another. VoIP and Cloud technology really is a whole new world, and we want to make what separates us from the competition easy for you to understand.
Simply put, CallPerfect offers businesses telephony solutions for businesses at all levels. Our customers significantly reduce their monthly expenditures and enjoy unlimited calling with us. We have cultivated a dedicated approach to customer service that makes our service stand apart from the pack. We offer more features for less money. Contracts are limiting: we don’t require them. When you choose us as your VoIP provider, we aim to make it a long-term arrangement. We fully believe in blending the future of telephony with the principles of good old-fashioned customer service.
Save 30-80%
Aside from all of the great features and convenience of VoIP, one of the main reasons to make the switch is the incredible savings. Leveraging the internet for voice communications is a way to maximize your calling power while minimizing your phone bill. As companies rely more and more upon remote communication, keeping your monthly phone bill to a minimum is paramount. We get it. We don’t overcharge for our services. CallPerfect undercuts the competition anywhere from 30 to 80% - without sacrificing on the service your business needs.
More Features
Features expand your business’s capacity for success. Whether it’s a holiday rush, or a marketing campaign, sometimes you need more phone lines. In fact, sometimes you need more phone numbers. Sometimes, you may even need to institute restricted calling for certain extensions. CallPerfect offers all of that - and much more. Anything that the other VoIP providers offer, we do too. We just do it a bit better.
No Contracts
Choosing a phone provider doesn’t have to be, and shouldn’t be, like choosing a spouse. That death do us part bit is tired. We want you, and your business, to enjoy flexibility. We offer our plans on a pre-paid monthly basis. In the unlikely event you decide to look elsewhere for VoIP, we don’t make it a big deal. No hidden fees, no broken promises: it’s just business.
Dedicated Customer Service
Customer service is paramount. It’s what sets apart the amateurs from the professionals. As a business owner, you know and practice the principles of excellent customer service - and you should expect no less from the telecommunications provider you go with. Rest assured, CallPerfect is focused upon taking VoIP service to the next level. We are there from the beginning to the end of installation - and we provided continued, committed support throughout your relationship with us. It’s that easy.
Unlimited Calling
Imagine the ability to place calls without being tethered to the financial strings normally associated with them? With CallPerfect, we realize the benefit that unlimited calling provides your business. We want your employees and your customers to enjoy the freedom of unlimited calling. When we work together, we provide unlimited calling for your business within the entire United States and Canada.
Top Notch Network
The quality of the network your VoIP provider uses matters. Better quality means better communications, more features and reliability. As part of our commitment to excellent service, we have invested in bringing you the best network in the business. Our system runs on a state-of-the-art system in the Cloud. Because Cisco means quality, your system with CallPerfect is built on a 100% Cisco-powered network.
Accessible Service
Transparency is paramount to us. We strive to deliver our customers the 360-degree, full-service experience you should expect. We’ve crafted a web portal that gives you full access to your account under the hood. From our portal, you get valuable access to your account information and settings 24-7.
Dedicated Implementation Engineer
CallPerfect believes in getting your service right from the start. To this end, we’ve created the role of an Implementation Engineer who installs and optimizes your new phone system for you. After installation, your engineer’s follows up with you and is available to answer any and all questions you may have - and will work to fine tune the system to best meet your company’s unique needs.
System Options
While some of our competition may offer just a few different options to their clients, we’ve upped the ante. Our goal is your success - and as such, we don’t want you to end up with a system that just isn’t the right fit. We offer an array of VoIP system options to transform your in-house telecommunications in a way that works for your business.
CallPerfect means the best in the industry. We believe great prices are a part of great service - and one doesn’t have to exist absent the other. Our dedication to your business needs is obvious from first consultation to installation. Should you need to end the service for any reason, it’s easy. Starting back up with us is also easy. We’ve made VoIP as simple and functionable as telecommunications should always be. CallPerfect looks forward to becoming your perfect solution for VoIP phone service.