The Complete Phone System For Business
Are you looking for a complete phone system for your small or medium sized business? Do you want the same features and quality that larger businesses enjoy, without the large expense? We offer a range of features design to meet all of your operating needs - and then some. We want to maximize your ROI, and we believe we do. At CallPerfect, we strongly believe in the products we offer and we’re excited to bring you a complete phone system catered to work for your business.
Cloud PBX Works for Business
Before we jump into all of the amazing features CallPerfect’s VoIP offers, let’s just give you a quick look at how you’re able to get all of these options for one price. With landlines, you need to invest money into a phone system that can handle and deliver the features you want upfront. With hosted VoIP such as that which CallPerfect offers, it’s up to your provider to buy and keep up the equipment required for these features. Simply put, you share resources with other companies who also use CallPerfect as their service providers (but you never compromise on quality).
The Ability to Keep Your Own Phone Number Works for Business
When you make the leap over to VoIP, you don’t need to change your business phone number. CallPerfect can accommodate that for you, no problem. If you have an established client base, making the change to VoIP and changing your business number can be a big hassle that could potentially cost you clients and customers. With CallPerfect, keeping your business number is no problem.
Unlimited Extensions Work for Business
If your business handles a high volume of calls, and your service agents can’t always be there to get each call right away, call queuing can transform your efficiency and service by putting customers into a queue while they wait for service.
Find-Me Follow-Me Works for Business
Find Me/Follow Me makes receiving incoming calls easy. Find Me works to allow incoming calls to be picked up at any location, making working on the go much easier. Follow Me allows employees to answer the phone from multiple locations, making extensions more mobile than just one phone, one desk.
Call Transfer, Call Forwarding & Call Parking Works for Business
CallPerfect comes with easy call transferring, call forwarding and call parking. These great features work in tandem to make fielding calls easy and efficient.
Call Recording Works for Business
Call recording makes sense for business. Whether a call needs to be kept on the record or you are looking to improve customer interactions, call recording is helpful to have on standby.
Dial By Name Directory Works for Business
Instead of asking your customers to wade through a convoluted directory that prompts them to put in numbers, or worse (no directory), CallPerfect offers you the ability to set up a dial-by-name directory to make getting through to your team easy for your customers and clients.
E911 Support Works for Business
Through offering wireless enhanced 9-1-1, your business is able to connect to the emergency services it may need should something happen. It’s peace of mind and is a key safety feature all VoIP providers should offer.
Remote Call Pickup Works for Business
The ability to pick up calls remotely enhances your employees’ flexibility and leaves your business less vulnerable to elements such as weather that could get in the way of normal operating hours.
Special Greetings Work for Business
Whether it’s a custom holiday message or a standard after-hours greeting, CallPerfect brings you special greetings to give your business the professional polish you want.
Restricting Calls Works for Business
Sometimes a situation may arise in which you need to restrict calls placed from a given extension. We realize that, and we offer a feature in which you can restrict the calls that are placed from a specified extension.
Presense (BLF) Works for Business
The technology exists to allow your employees to declare whether they are available, away or busy - and CallPerfect offers that. Presence enhances communication and helps your business to run more smoothly.
Toll-Free, Vanity and Local Numbers Work for Business
Whether you need a toll-free hotline number, an easy to remember vanity number or a phone number from a certain city or state, CallPerfect can do that for you with ease.
Voicemail to Email Works for Business
Having the feature that allows voicemail to go straight to email can be a huge help to your employees during busy times and seasons - it also can help your workface stay organized and not forget about important messages.
Fax to Email Works for Business
Imagine being able to check the contents of a fax remotely? With CallPerfect, you can absolutely do that. We offer a fax to email feature that allows you to see faxes online via your email accounts.
Our phone systems are run via Internet Protocol, which is the state-of-the-art approach to telecommunications today. By leveraging the Internet for improved telecommunications, businesses get the complete package: reduced costs, imroved quality and more features. Below is a glimpse at the incredible features CallPerfect offers, for one flat monthly rate. Oh, did we mention we don’t require contracts - or that we included unlimited calling within the United States and Canada? Our international rates are excellent. CallPerfect is dedicated to bring you the most complete phone system for business on the market - and we are committed to updating the features available to you as new ones become available.