Crystal Clear Calls In All 50 States & Canada
Got VoIP yet? Considering making the leap over to this new channel for voice communications? If so, you probably have a few questions about how it all works and what kind of quality you will get. That’s understandable, as VoIP is relatively new technology in the grand scheme of things. Before you sign up for a VoIP system, it’s a good idea to learn a bit about how VoIP works and what to be on the lookout for to ensure that you get crystal clear calling in all 50 states. After all, saving money and more features for your phone isn’t that beneficial if your customers struggle to hear you.
Before you decide on a system, there are some considerations to think about. For example, are you considering hosting your own network at your business? Yes? If so, you need to be absolutely sure that you’ll have enough bandwidth to meet your networking needs. Bandwidth is how much information your network will process for you. Find out what yours is - and find out what you will need. Next, you’ll need to be sure you have the right router for the job. Chances are, the router you currently have simply won’t work for your needs. Though you may be tempted to go with a cheaper router, this isn’t a good idea. Cheaper routers mean lower quality and problems down the road. Don’t forget to be sure you have a back-up battery to keep your system running well. Why do you need a battery? In case of a power failure, you would need to switch your network over so that your calls can keep coming (especially in case of an emergency of some kind). For both companies choosing to host their own networks and companies choosing to go with a VoIP service provider, the quality of the equipment you select will absolutely matter. Let’s take a look at the equipment that goes into making sure you get crystal clear calls - and then we’ll briefly discuss the various options you have in choosing to go VoIP with your phone systems.
The Importance of the Router for VoIP Call Clarity
A router is the device that connects your computer to the Internet connection in your home or business. It functions similarly to a translator that takes a signal from your computer and makes it Internet ready (and vice versa). Without the router, we wouldn’t be able to get access to high-speed Internet. When it comes to Voice over Internet Protocol, it’s a huge part of the equation and dictates, largely, the efficacy of your system. While there are many different kinds of routers available, quality ones are the ones that matter for reliable VoIP service. The low end cost of a router starts at about $50 and the price goes up from there: quality routers capable of efficiently and reliably handling your VoIP needs go up into the thousands. It’s a major consideration for any company looking to jump into the world of VoIP.

In choosing a router, or a VoIP service provider, for your business, you’ll need to know how many VoIP telephones you will plan to connect to your router. If you need to connect a lot of phones (over 10), you will need a powerful router that is capable of handling all that information quickly. You will also want to get a router that has a “quality of service” feature that can prioritize your calls and make certain all calls placed and received have the signal and speed they need. Unless you’ve got a great deal of VoIP and telecommunications know-how, it’s best to meet with a reputable VoIP service provider who can assess your needs and provide customized recommendations for your business.
Ensuring Quality Calls
Call quality matters. When it comes to VoIP, it’s a result of your network and the Internet beyond your network. As a business, you can’t control the Internet beyond your network, but as much depends upon the quality of the network you run, there is a lot you can do on your end to ensure a great connection. Static noise, dropped calls and hard-to-understand noises and voices are all signs of a poor, or less than quality, connection. There are a few factors that will greatly contribute to quality calls.
Network Design
The way in which your network is design contributes greatly to the quality you receive. Just as a building needs to have been designed well to withstand time and the elements, your network needs to be designed well to withstand time and outside factors. Using a professional VoIP service provider is your best bet on ensuring your network works great for you. CallPerfect’s network is 100% powered by Cisco, to ensure quality of service at all times.
VoIP Implementation
The manner in which your VoIP network is implemented contributes greatly to your call quality. A poorly configured network can make or break your call quality. Some VoIP providers won’t do all that much to ensure that your VoIP system is properly implemented, so be sure to work with a service provider that does. CallPerfect, for example, provides a personal implementation engineer who works with your business to ensure that all goes perfectly from the start to the end (and we provide ongoing support for you).
Quality VoIP Equipment
The phone system you decide to purchase for your company is a big factor in terms of how well your VoIP system functions for you over time. If you want quality calls anywhere in the country, be sure you purchase equipment that can handle the job for you. There are a variety of different equipment types available - let’s take a brief look at the basics so that you’re better informed going forward.
Wifi Phone System
This phone system’s handsets look just like typical smartphones - the only difference is that they rely upon a connection to the internet over wireless.
Soft Phone System
This is more of a computer-to-computer approach to VoIP. Instead of an actual phone system that you can touch and hold, you connect to calls with a headset and your network.
Analog Telephone Adapter
The ATA is a way to connect to your router by transforming a regular old landline handset into an internet-ready phone. This is more of a temporary solution than a long-term one and won’t quite work for business, but it does the trick on a smaller scale.
If you are ready to purchase a telephone system over VoIP for your business, be sure that you pay close attention to the quality you will receive. Getting the right equipment, and the right network, now will maximize your return over the years. It’s important to note again that you don’t have to host your own network: you can choose a professional VoIP service provider to get you connected with top-notch equipment and the quality service you need for success.