Stress-free Faxing With The Cloud
Faxing with CallPerfect means perfect faxing every time. No more lost documents and annoying paper jams. Just the information you need: when you need it and where you need it - for a fraction of the cost of landline faxing. Cloud, or eFaxing, keeps you organized. From faxing documents straight to email or sending emails straight to fax, faxing over the cloud is a whole new way to transform the office as you know it. With CallPerfect's faxing capabilities, you can fax to any fax machine in the country - landline or VoIP - so staying in touch with your clients and customers is easier than ever before.
Perfect Communication with Cloud Faxing
When you don’t need to tie up important phone lines to send and receive information, you don’t need to bother customers with those annoying “busy” sounds that makes them hang up time and time again. In fact, thanks to VoIP communications, “busy” sounds are all but a thing of the past. Your incoming faxes are handled in the cloud, not on your actual lines, so you really don’t have to worry about mixing faxes in case your phone lines are temporarily all busy. Cloud faxing means a whole lot less stress.
Your VoIP Phone Number Doubles As A Fax Machine
Yes, really: the future is here and it’s in your hands. Your VoIP phone number is also your fax line: if you get an incoming fax, you can choose to save it for later until you’re able to print it. Any faxed message you receive can be processed immediately - or saved in email until you’re ready to handle it later.
Your Fax Machine Isn’t Outdated (Yet)
If you’ve grown sentimental to your old fax machine, or just have a very fancy one with all the bells and whistles, CallPerfect won’t make you say goodbye. We have an adaptor that will make your current fax machine stay as relevant to your office as it was the first day you took it home.
Your Computer Becomes Your Fax Hub
Gone are the days of racing to the fax machine to try to get there first. Now, you can organize your faxes from the peace (and quiet) of your desktop computer. It’s easy to draft cover letters, sign documents and manage both outgoing and incoming documents with the click of a few buttons.