Get More Out Of Your Smartphone
Thanks to the power of VoIP, you can get a whole lot more out of your smartphone than you probably realize. Voice over Internet Protocol is a way to communicate across computer networks instead of through landlines. Computer network data transfers are a lot less expensive than landlines, meaning that VoIP is packed with some powerful ways to optimize your communications while minimizing your monthly phone bills. Though VoIP communications has its roots in the 1970’s, since the birth of the Internet, it has only recently become an absolutely effective alternative to landlines, and now, cell phones as well. There are special VoIP-optimized smartphone available for purchase - and there are also ways to use your current smartphone over voice over IP networks. When you take the time to optimize your smartphone for voice over internet protocol, you can turn your smartphone into a portable office that works overtime to keep you organized and connected.
Cell phone bills can get expensive fast - especially when you need to call long distance or place an international call. For business executives who are always the go, finding an affordable way to stay connected can become a big problem fast. Companies looking to find a solution to the problem, consider this: VoIP may just be your answer. Now that cell phones have gotten a whole lot smarter and can access the Internet, you can harness that power and put it to work for your bottom-line. There are a few different options to get started getting more out of your smartphone.
Use a VoIP-Designed Smartphone
As the Internet continues to outperform cellular networks for affordability and reliability, hybrid phones are here to stay. Many cell phone makers have realized that the future is VoIP and are scrambling to come out with VoIP-enabled hybrid phones that make switching between an Internet-based connection and a cellular network connection seamless for users. For the user, the ability to seamlessly switch between these two types of connections means better there are no dropped calls, changes in audio quality or other annoyances that can distract from a phone call’s purpose. Aside from the VoIP-designed smartphone, some VoIP-phone systems are unrolling wireless VoIP phones that share some of the capabilities that smartphones have. For example, the Yealink HD Wireless Phone works as a scalable SIP-based communication system for wireless calling. It accesses the VoIP network wirelessly and stores up to 500 numbers and allows users to have multiple lines, call waiting, conferencing and call forwarding from a simple interface.
Use a Regular Smartphone to Access VoIP
A regular smartphone can access VoIP! Because smartphones are internet-ready devices, they are also voice over IP ready devices. Smartphones are basically little computers, and as such they can easily communicate with other computers (whether it’s surfing the net or allowing you to carry on important business over the phone with speakers from all over the world). Though a regular smartphone won’t afford the same freedom in seamlessly switching between an internet and a cellular network, they can work great as long the user can access a reliable Internet connection. When you log off your cellular network and log onto an Internet network with your smartphone, you can leave your worries about large phone bills behind. Issues such as limited minutes, roaming charges, messaging limits and incoming call surcharges all take backstage when you communicate via the Cloud. Logging on to VoIP networks instead of cellular ones just makes dollars and cents for most users: it’s simple to setup and makes a big impact on overall communication costs. By reducing minutes and eliminating special international plans, may even find that you can greatly scale back the services for which you currently pay with your cellphone provider. Some ways through which smartphone users have been accessing VoIP from their phones is through apps including Skype and Talkonaut.
Use a VoIP App From Your VoIP Provider
If you’ve already made the jump into VoIP for your business - or you’re considering doing so now, good news: many VoIP providers offer an app that gives you the ability to access your provider’s VoIP network from your smartphone! With a VoIP app from your service provider, you can use your VoIP number to make calls and receive them. Specialized provider-based VoIP apps make it possible to perform work from anywhere in the world, without the need for a changed phone number or different voicemail configuration. For the company who has employees spread out around the country, the VoIP app is a great choice for presenting a unified front to customers.
VoIP is shaking up the telecommunications world in a big way, and now it’s poised to shake up the cellular world, too. The Internet is making the way we work and communicate a whole lot more accessible and a whole lot more affordable. Greater accessibility combined with greater affordability equals incredible freedom and increased efficiency. The ability to access voice communications in a foreign country without having to jump through lots of expensive hoops is an absolute game changer: traveling execs now only need to hunt down a reliable internet connection to stay connected with work and family back home.

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