How CallPerfect Will Improve Your Business
The telephone, and voice communications, take a central role in business today. Successful companies must take business communications seriously, as the telephone is what connects employees to employees, customers to your service and enables other businesses to connect with you. With a top-notch phone system and service in place, you will be able to raise your company to the next level with great features that emphasize service and efficiency.
CallPerfect offers cloud-based solutions for your telecommunications needs. When you go with a hosted VoIP system, you get affordable service, state-of-the-art technology, features that bring your business to a new level of functioning and the technical support to fine tune your system for you.
CallPerfect Improves Your Bottomline
If we had to pick just one way that CallPerfect transforms businesses, it’s through the incredible savings we offer via our cloud-based VoIP systems. VoIP systems leave the expensive analog signal in the dust and transfer voice-based communications digitally, across the Internet. Without the expense of landlines and circuit-switching to connect calls, voice communications becomes far less expensive and far more affordable for most businesses. As an added savings plus, when businesses choose an off-site hosted system, they stand to save even more money by not having to weather the expense of on-premises equipment (other than the actual phones themselves).
CallPerfect Improves Your Flexibility
When you join the Cloud for your telecommunications, you’re joining the future. Cloud communications is a total game changer that is re-writing the landscape of the office as we know it. Now, employees can work from home - in coffee shops - while jogging - and en route to business meetings. All of this new flexibility makes connecting faster and easier.
CallPerfect Improves Your Customer Service
Hosted VoIP solutions makes it a whole lot easier to offer your customers the features that make your service better. Dial-by-name directories, toll-free numbers, after hours greetings and auto-reception are a few of the key customer service amenities that CallPerfect offers your business, and your customers. Hosted VoIP systems host the features off site - meaning that your company doesn’t have to foot the bill for advanced systems to offer all of these great features. CallPerfect makes everything one price - so you don’t have to pick and choose between the features that will make your company stand apart from the pack.
CallPerfect Improves Your Future Sustainability
We don’t require our users to sign contracts. Why? They are binding and don’t offer the flexibility businesses today need. We know that sometimes you may want to put your service on hold, and we get that. With CallPerfect, you pay ahead each month. If you need to stop service, it’s easy. If you want to start service again, that’s easy too. Without being bound to a contract, you have the freedom you need to make changes when neccessary. Beyond not requiring contracts, CallPerfect also brings on new features as advances in technology make them available. When you go with hosted VoIP, you don’t need to worry about buying new equipment so that you can offer these features: that’s what your hosted provider does for you.
CallPerfect Improves Your Capacity
Companies who have had landlines know that you have mostly been bound by the size and quality of the in-house equipment you purchased. If you wanted to add on lines or features, you would have needed to go ahead and forecast that need at the time you bought your equipment. With CallPerfect and hosted VoIP technology, all you need to do is buy a phone system. As you need more features, you simply access them. CallPerfect puts the world of telecommunications at your fingertips, so you don’t need to keep going back to the budget and the store for more features.
CallPerfect Improves Your Carbon Footprint
A reduced carbon footprint helps to set you apart from your compeition and CallPerfect improves your carbon footprint by empowering your business to allow remote working and telecommuting. When employees can access the telecommunications network away from the office, they can work away from the office, too. Less travel to work, even if it is just one day a week or one day a month, means that your company is actively reducing your carbon footprint (something that many of your customers will surely appreciate). Another important way through which CallPerfect helps reduce your carbon footprint is through its conferencing capabilities. Instead of needing to arrange travel for meetings, you can now hold them remotely - cutting back on the significant environmental damage from air travel (not to mention the expense).
CallPerfect Improves Your Reliability
Until hosted VoIP, businesses needed to host their own phone systems. This meant that when a system issue happened, the business needed to scramble to get it fixed. For many businesses, this meant having a tech-savvy team in place just in case. Now, with CallPerfect and VoIP, help is just a phone call away. With help from your VoIP service provider, your business can get out of the business of telecommunications and focus on the stuff that really matters (like your sales and your products).
CallPerfect can transform the way your business does business. We are raising the barre on telecommunications, so that you may raise the barre for your company. From improved reliability to improved customer service, we understand your needs and have created a way to meet them. Beyond all of the huge bonuses in terms of use and flexibility that CallPerfect offers, we also bring huge savings to you. Your return over investment, or ROI, is maximized when you choose a hosted-pbx provider like CallPerfect to fill your telecommunications needs. We look forward to working with you on maximing your potential for success!