Text messages and business today is an excellent match. CallPerfect delivers to you the 360-degree telecommunications experience: with us, you can send and receive SMS text messages to anyone, at all: clients, colleagues, supervisors and employees all straight from your professional business phone.
Perfectly Unlimited SMS
The sky is the limit with CallPerfect’s SMS services. When CallPerfect is your VoIP provider, you can send and receive unlimited text messages that are individually (each message can be up to 160 characters in length - that’s longer than a tweet!). You can message with anyone: users in your network or anyone else who’s using a personal phone to communicate. Your options are endless with CallPerfect.
Perfect SMS Wherever You Are
Skip the mobile carrier and send text messages from your professional phone number wherever you happen to be - with the CallPerfect App. From the beach, from the park, from the coffee shop, you can access your professional VoIP numbers using your mobile device and the CallPerfect App.
Perfectly Productive SMS Features
When you use SMS in the cloud, you get some important productivity features included (free of charge). It’s no problem to send text messages across multiple devices (from tablets to smartphones). As with any business phone system, you have the option of preventing unwanted calls from bothering you by blocking numbers and creating a blacklist. Stay organized by enabling email notifications on new messages both in your email and through your PC!