VoIP Takes Voicemail To The Next Level
Are you ready for the 2.0 version of your voicemail? CallPerfect will deliver. Voicemails step in when we can’t be there: they are the smile, the friendly voice, the organized receptionist and the image of reliability that companies today strive to convey no matter what. For perfect voicemail experiences, CallPerfect is your top choice. Our advanced features ensure that you don’t miss a single call - not even in the middle of a power outage (just one of the many benefits of cloud based communications).
Voicemail You Can Count On
When your voicemail is hosted in the Cloud, not on your desktop, you don’t have to worry about hitting delete too soon, running out of storage capacity, picking up another line in the middle of listening to a message, or power outages. The cloud, and your service provider, keeps your messages safe (as they should be).
Voicemail That’s Wherever You Are
Having voicemail you can only check from one phone or network can be a real pain for most offices. CallPerfect’s cloud-hosted voicemail does away with that for you: now, you can check your voicemail anywhere, with almost anything (other than a homing pigeon, of course). You can check your voicemail from a VoIP phone, from a mobile phone, from a landline at home phone, from your CallPerfect App - the possibilities really are perfectly endless!
Voicemail That You Can Organize
CallPerfect Makes it easy for you to stay organized - in fact, we can organize your entire office rather quickly. How? CallPerfect means a whole lot less paperwork. Now, you can send your voicemails straight to email instead of writing them or passing them on as notes. You can forward your voicemails to the correct parties instead of writing notes and adding them to someone’s already cluttered desk. Beyond that, you can get your voicemails transcribed so that you don’t waste valuable time and can cut to the main point and continue on with your business.