CallPerfect Vs. Other VoIP Service Providers
If you are weighing out the options for which VoIP provider to select for your business’s move into Cloud communications, you may be wondering what sets one service apart from another. With all of the new technology on the horizon, there’s a lot of information to wade through. VoIP is an excellent choice for streamlining your business’s telecommunications and raising the barre for both service and efficiency. Though VoIP systems are relatively new, CallPerfect is a seasoned provider that understands what businesses need and want from telecommunications phone service.
When you go with CallPerfect, you get features that will transform your business. We offer customer service that sets the pace for our competition to try and follow. We use the industry’s best technology for our network. We provide you with system options so that you find a system that meets your needs, not our sales goals. We are completionists - and as such, we provide you with an implementation engineer who makes sure that your system is installed, well, perfectly. Let’s take a look at the key ways CallPerfect stands apart from the other VoIP service providers.
Significantly Reduced Monthly Fees
One of the greatest appeals, as you most likely know, of switching over to VoIP phone service is the reduction in monthly fees that come along with the switch. VoIP is less expensive because it harnesses the power of the internet for voice communications instead of expensive to maintain landlines. Because of how much less expensive VoIP systems are, the technology is starting to change the future of telecommunications. CallPerfect recognizes this. We are committed to bringing you the reduction in costs that you want and need in making the switch to VoIP. While our competition may skate by simply offering reduced fees in comparison to landline systems, we more into perfectionism and doing the absolute best we can by our clients. Therefore, when you use CallPerfect for your business telecommunications needs, you save anywhere from 30 to 80 percent over the competition. What’s more: you save all of this money without sacrificing on service.
Significantly More Features
A great thing about VoIP is that instead of buying a massive phone system that you need to store in-house, you get a streamlined system that is hosted off-site. Instead of buying a system that comes with all of the bells and whistles (just in case), VoIP means you go out and find a provider that offers your company all of the bells and whistles. This is excellent - in theory. There is, however, a fly in the ointment. The problem with this model is that VoIP providers are not consistent in what they offer for features. One VoIP provider may offer a few basic features and then will require additional fees depending upon your needs. Another VoIP provider may offer absolutely no features and require your business to add each one on an ala carte basis. CallPerfect decided it could be done better, and so we did. We offer all of our features for one monthly fee. No hidden costs. It’s easy. It’s powerful. It’s affordable.
Significantly More Freedom
At best, contracts are limiting and a tad boring. At worst, they are prohibitive and can end up being astronomically expensive. CallPerfect believes in providing you with transparent service without the annoying legalease. We’ve made our VoIP service easy and up-front for you. Our customers pre-pay on a monthly basis. This gives you the flexibility that the modern business needs to thrive. If, for example, you have a seasonal company that doesn’t need the full range of services twelve months a year - that’s no problem with CallPerfect. Simply stop or start service as it fits your needs and budget. While other VoIP providers will try and lock you into a contract, we know that by offering the quality, prices and service you love - we don’t need to worry about keeping you around.
Significantly Better Customer Service
As a business owner, do you ever wonder what happened to that time-honored tradition of old-fashioned customer service? We did, and we decided to bring it back. CallPerfect is working to set the standards of service in the modern telecommunications industry. We don’t believe in taking your money and running; we believe that by providing real value for business our own success will follow (and it does). When we work together on your business’s telecommunication solutions, you are working with a team who appreciates your business and shows it. We are here whenever you need us to make sure that the transition to VoIP, and the continued service with it, is as seamless and smooth as possible.
Significantly More Power
What’s one of the best parts of the new wave in telecommunications? We happen to think it’s the ability to place calls within the United States and Canada on the cheap. It’s a new era - and CallPerfect wants to make sure that our customers get to enjoy it. We think that charging by the call just complicates things. It forces businesses to devote crucial resources to safeguarding the telecommunications budget and paying attention to details that without per-call charges would be insignificant; therefore, we offer unlimited calling in both the United States and in Canada. Imagine the freedom.
Significantly Enhanced Quality
To us, the quality of the network we use is paramount. Businesses deserve reliable, clear and top-of-the line voice communications - and we offer just that. Our commitment to excellent customer service just wouldn’t be complete if we weren’t running a state-of-the-art Cloud system. When you communicate through CallPerfect, your systems run on a 100% powered-by-Cisco network, 100% of the time.
Significantly Improved Access
CallPerfect wants you to be able to access your account information any time of the day, any day of the week. We’ve created a customer-centric web portal that gives your business access to the key features and settings of your VoIP account, 24-7.
Significantly More Thorough
While our competition may sell you a phone system, provide you with service and give you a manual or two, we actually give you an implementation engineer to supervise all aspects of your business’s transition to VoIP. Beyond that, our engineer works with you to ensure that your system and service is completely optimized to meet your communications needs. We follow up with you, we fine tune with you and we make ourselves available to you. We know that making our customers happy benefits all of us.
Significantly More Options
Some VoIP providers may try to provide you with just a couple options. We don’t understand that, and we don’t do it. We know there are a whole bunch of different systems that may work best for your business’s needs - and so we offer a whole bunch of different systems. Whether you need phones for a conference room, reception or desks - we have options that work for your needs and your budget. We work with you to find the system that will most benefit your company.
What sets us apart from the competition is that we don’t exactly compete: we provide. We are a top notch provider of VoIP service and systems. Our flexibility, our prices, our options, our dedication to customer service and our support set us above the rest by quite a few notches - and we know you’ll agree.